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"Stop Traffic": The Cause

Agape International Missions rescues girls out of human trafficking. Standing on the front lines, they fight to steal back the lives that are held captive.  The girls that have been devastated need time for healing. AIM not only Rescues, but Restores, providing love, a safe haven, counseling, and the huge and often rare opportunity to pursue education.  Being given the opportunity to support themselves and their families is paramount in truly liberating these women. AIM provides the training to equip women in becoming strong and independent out in the world. For AIM the restoration reaches out to all aspects of..  - Read More

"Take Heart": The Cause

1 in 100 children worldwide are born with a life-threatening heart defect. Of those, about 1 in 6 requires heart surgery within the first month to survive. It is something we do not often hear about, living in a developed country. But in many parts of the world these simple and life-saving surgeries are extremely difficult to come by. The International Children's Heart Foundation sends doctors, surgeons and medical professionals across the globe, mending little hearts back together. ICHF has 20 years experience performing children's heart surgeries in developing countries. They have amassed a tremendous amount of learning, best practices and..  - Read More

What Classic Style Needs A Major Comeback?

It's no secret. Numbers For The Cause is at the forefront of fashion. Breaking down barriers and doing what no one thought possible when it comes to printing t-shirts. With designs that have made grown men cry and crying men grow, Numbers For The Cause is relentless in pushing the envelope and charging forward, leading the way into a new world of fashion. "When I think of the future of beauty, I immediately imagine Numbers For The Cause's clothing." - Michael Kors  "I used to imagine myself as a little girl, walking down the runway, modeling the latest line of Numbers..  - Read More

Widening The Spectrum

So we just finished our photo shoot this week for our band NEW Bella/Canvas Tri-Blend tees. We'll soon have a dozen new & vibrant colors to choose from! These Tri-Blend t-shirts are unimaginably comfortable. If you have not experienced one yet, you're life may seem incomplete.  Not only are we very excited about our new and outrageously comfy tees. But we are also gearing up to launch a new line and a NEW CAUSE! All shirts are custom-numbered 1-200k with $5 of each going to our partnering charity. The goal: $1M raised for each cause. Stay vigil for more updates..  - Read More

Make The World Vibrate

Life is motion. It is momentum. It is movement. All around there is the silent hum of happenings. It is the quiet resonance that we rarely stop and notice. Quite literally, there is a rhythm, a pulse, a constant repetition, like a heartbeat, repeating on and on. Every day the world spins and revolves, the sun breaks and it sets. Each day pumps in with the new and out with the old, it's frequency strikingly similar to that of a pulse on an EKG. These frequencies repeat throughout the universe, and as time goes on science is finding more and..  - Read More

Life Inside The Bubble

Twisting through the complex circuitry, electrical impulses spark and race through the curves and contours of your mind. Sizzling within the chemicals, 100 billion neurons fire 200 times per second, each one with 1,000 connections. 20 million billion bits of information are transmitted in your brain every second.  Everything you see, how you feel, every thought and decision you make is a fine-tuned result of the delicate balance of chemicals inside your head. The world that you perceive is simply a projection of what  your mind illuminates. And it's all what you make it. Whether you are aware of it..  - Read More

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