The Bloginning of a New Adventure

Oh, hello there! Lovely to have you here.

My name is Joey Lundahl, and this is my first time blogging... ever. 

I'm kind of new to this whole "Online Journaling on the Interwebs" as they say (no one actually says that) but I'm just gonna give it a whirl and let's see what happens!


As I'm sitting here now, my pupils soaking in the warm pixels as I stare at my computer screen trying to think of what to write, I decide: instead of trying to conjure up something elaborate on what to write, I'm just going to start typing. And now... well, here we are.

A bit of an introduction, my name is Joey (still), I'm 29, I live in Clearwater, FL, I'm a musician and head-over-heels for anything and everything creative. Any spare moment I have to draw or sketch or write or dream I get lost in that world. I had the idea for Numbers For The Cause a few years back, to make and design totally rad t-shirts, and try and change the world doing it. Shortly after the initial idea, my lifelong friend and (now) business partner, Jon, and I got together and decided to not just DREAM IT, but DO IT.

So, that's just a brief flash of who we are, and who I am. 

The point of this blog is to take you along on our journey, from music festivals, to thoughts and ideas on design and everything creative, to hilarious stories of our everyday life trying to live vivid and be world changers. Make sure to check back every Friday for updates and epic tales. I hope you are as excited as we are to join in on the adventure.

Together, we're going to do amazing things.


Numbers For The Cause

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