Flash! Highlight Reel: 2013

As we begin closing in on our 2,013th lap around the sun in the A.D. I started thinking back on this past year. We've made some great memories, been able to be a part of some awesome events, and met a whole lot of amazing people! Instead of trying to capture this catalog of milestones and memories in a long-winded, overly sappy reminiscence, I figured I'd just make a flash highlight reel of our statuses and pics we posted these past dozen months; An accelerated collage of all the random, inspiring, hilarious, and weird moments we've shared. Enjoy!

Jan. 8 - I want to take "that one friend" that is perpetually posting selfies and SHARE every time they do until they get completely weirded out.

Jan. 10 - Heading to Jacksonville for another show with The Almost! Gonna be a great night!!!

Jan. 14 - Every time someone says they're "running on 'E'" I always imagine that person in my head frantically running around on ecstasy.

Feb. 26 - Woke up to a tornado watch. That explains why everything is yellowish green. For a second I just thought I was trapped in an Instagram picture...

Feb. 27 - I wish basketball players danced after every point like in football. The entire game would be one big dance party.

Mar. 2 - Future T-shirt Idea...?

Mar. 10 - Once, I tried using both hands to eat with chopsticks, instead of just one, and accidentally knitted myself a noodle sweater.

Mar. 11 - Every time some tells me they have a gluten allergy I'm like, you're allergic to people's butts?

Mar. 12 - On matter and energy: You have literally been here since the beginning of the universe. But just for this unfathomable micro-glimpse in time, you have the miraculous chemical composition to consciously experience it... Life is the coolest thing ever.

Mar. 13 - There's lots of debate on these current military cuts. I was just in a heated discussion with this gentleman who said he used to be one of the top leaders in the army, and I was just like, that's a very General statement.

Mar. 21 - I wonder if Sgt. Pepper was in the Avant-Coast-Garde...

Mar. 22 - The difference between being a crazy person and a creative person is that a creative person can convince everyone that cannot see what they see, that their visions are real.

Mar. 23 - I recently went to the library... Or as I like to call it, "Full-body Goolge-ing".

Mar. 24 - When life hands you lemons, take it with a grain of salt. Now all you need is some tequila.

Apr. 3 - ALWAYS the greatest times hanging out with our friends at Operation Coexist!

Apr. 14 - Got an order for 6 shirts from Russia this week!! Whaat?? So awesome. Hopefully they're warm enough... Maybe Numbers For The Cause should make coats as well?

Apr. 24 - On a more awkward note, my laundry just finished. I go to open the dryer and it's empty?! I totally forgot to transfer my clothes over... so the past hour I was waiting for an empty dryer to finish. Wow.

May 3 - Ladies: Next time you go get your nails done, use Google translator and listen in on all the Asian women talking about you. You're welcome.

May 8 - I'm pretty sure Charlie Brown's parents invented dubstep.

May 10 - Pre-Launch Ad For Our 'STOP TRAFFIC' Line

May 18 - There's Lil Jon, and there's Papa John... I sometimes worry, where is Mama John?

May 20 - Design books: Wormholes of inspiration, and black holes of time.

May 22 - I want a pet salamander and a pet orangutan and a pet cockatoo. Not because I particularly like those animals.. I just want an excuse to use those words everyday.

Jun. 3 - Has anyone ever actually died on "Survivor"? If not, by now, they should probably change the title.

Jun. 12 - It's never a good idea to design when sleep deprived. You end up wanting to just punch everything you make.

Jun. 13 - As I walk outside an insect flies at my face and I do one of those startled / freakout maneuvers. As it flies away I realize it was a butterfly. #lookinglikeanidiotinpublic

Jun. 27 - I want to buy a disposable camera. And then immediately throw it in the trash in front of the cashier.

Jul. 10 - Future T-shirt Idea...?

Aug. 1 - About to hot yoga it up for the 1st time. Hope I don't puke on a cute girl.

Oct. 7 - Last night I dreamt I found a baby elephant and kept him as a pet and started going on adventures... New. Life. Goal.

Oct. 7 - Seeing Sigur Ros tonight!!!

Oct. 20 - Taste of St. Pete at Janus Live w/ Numbers For The Cause. Tres pumped, should be a awesome day! Come out and stop by for great food and snazzy times.

Oct. 23 - Everything happens for a reason. (...Except Vin Diesel movies.)

Nov. 5 - Some look at things and ask, "Why?" ...I look and ask, "Wi-fi?"

Nov. 7 - I have a photographic memory. It's just very pixelated.

Nov. 13 - All set up at Bear Creek music festival in Suwannee pulling out the stops with Numbers For The Cause! I wish someone would have told me that by "cold" it meant "36 degrees cold". #shouldhavebroughtsocks

Nov. 22 - You are defined by what you value.

Dec. 13 - After many years of analysis and deciphering, scientists now conclude that Missy Elliot's unintelligible lyrics to 'Work It' were actually: "It's Nerf kittens sippin' Cognac."

Dec. 17 - When people needing technical assistance ask me, "Are you a computer person?" I always make sure to answer in a robot voice.

Dec. 18 - If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all... Then, when they're not looking, throw something at the back of their head and act casual.

So, to say the least, it's been a great year, with only greater things to come! We will of course continue our 'TAKE HEART' line with new designs, benefiting children born with heart defects in developing countries that cannot receive medical care, as well as our 'STOP TRAFFIC' line that helps rescue girls out of human trafficking. We will be also adding NEW causes very soon as well so keep posted!

To kick off 2014 with some NEW flavor as well we are going to start: WEEKLY TEES! We will be featuring a brand new design featured Every Week! And as always, $5 of every shirt will go to a great cause :) We are extremely excited to see what this new year will bring and so grateful that you will be a part of it. Together we are going to do amazing things!

Catch you in the future. 2014!


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