Saving The World Never Felt So Good

For months we now, we here at Numbers For The Cause have been adventurously seeking out to try and find the softest, most comfortable t-shirt there is out there. If you have ever worn one our our custom t-shirts, you know that they are already top quality when it comes to comfort. Some say, cozier than a fuzzy blanket, hand-knitted by a fleet of adorable grandmas. Still, we knew we could do even better. We sought out across the globe to acquire only the finest of fabrics, only the most majestic of materials for our next line of t-shirts. 

We traveled to the mountains of Mongolia to find the ever-ellusive calf of a black yak. Although the fur was supreme in quality, we did not want to stop here.

Next we "excursion-ed" (which is not a real word, but it is now) to the farmlands of Bolivia to try and locate a real life Bolivian "Ovejas Loco" or Crazy Sheep. Natives claim that the lack of common sense in these particular sheep is compensated by extremely luxurious fur quality. This fact is not backed up by any form of science whatsoever, but after petting one of these rare gems of brainless beauty we didn't need any other proof. Still, we had to look further.

Our expedition then brought us deep into the ant-arctics of Antarctica. Here we encountered the cutest and fuzziest form of fur we had seen yet: The baby penguin. Indeed, quite an unorthodox genre of fur, especially for t-shirts, but we just had to observe it for ourselves. The quality of fur was pristine and the cuteness was almost unbearable, even causing a 10-minute giggle-fest between my partner, Jon, and I, something I am glad was not caught on film. However, the fur did not seem to breathe well, and honestly, we both felt like shaving baby penguins would be super rude.

At last, our adventure had taken us back home to the American States that are United. Our last endeavor was to visit this fine gentleman in Ft. Worth, Texas who claimed he had the furriest, fuzziest, fluffiest (and all other words connotative to wooly, but also beginning with the letter 'F') bunny rabbit in all the globe. He graciously showed us his adorable little pet. As we stroked this bushy ball of fuzz, not particularly sure exactly what part of it's body we were touching, all of our cares and worries melted away. It was like gently caressing an angel's wings. Sadly enough, though the fur was delicate in texture, it was just not up to our standards in durability.

Admittedly, we both felt a bit let down. We had just scaled the whole wide earth and stuff. We were a little bit like, "Man, what the heck?!" Then, like a beaming light of inspiration and hope it just appeared to us while we were using a clever website called The NEW Bella/Canvas TriBlend!!! It was the missing piece all along. Even softer and more comfortable than anything we had felt on our journey, and the best part... they don't even have to harvest the fur by shaving helpless little animals! It was truly a dream come true. 

If you have not yet experienced the elation of encompassing your body with this sweet fabric, you are missing out. Get a shirt NOW and see for yourself! All of our designs, all our tees are now printed on the NEW Bella/Canvas TriBlend! As always, $5 of every t-shirt goes to world change. Snag a tee and feel the difference for yourself, that SAVING THE WORLD NEVER FELT SO GOOD!

I'll catch you next Friday. Don't forget to to the FB Like thing, the Re-Tweet Twitter thing, the dancing around your room in your underwear and rain boots thing (wait, is that not a thing?) or just leave a comment below!

Peas and Love,


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