7 Easy Ways To Change The World

We all want to live heroic; To scale walls and do the impossible. Somewhere in us all we have an inner-revolutionary, an inner-hero that wants to save the day and change the world (or maybe just run around in a cape). In our head that alter-ego thrives and conquers. But in the real life from day to day that hero in us rarely makes an appearance. I think a big reason is that we tend to overcomplicate the idea in our head. We have in our mind that being a world-changer is someone who works on the large scale, when in fact changing the world starts in the little things. These are 7 Easy Ways To Change The World:

1. Bring Your Words To Life

Don't just speak it, personify it. So few of us paint out the portraits of our heart with action, or live out our ideals. We must not only echo our beliefs with words, but resonate our values by how we live. One of the greatest separations between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one is that one extra step further. Putting your words and ideas into action is what life is all about. Shape your dreams into your reality. Even though it isn't easy or safe or comfortable to take that plunge, to live out what is in your heart, it is your purpose. It is what you were made to do. Washington did not just discuss liberty, he fought for it. Dr. Martin Luther King did not simply preach, he marched. We are not defined by our words. We are defined by our actions.

2. Make Every Moment Matter

Life is in the details. We are suspended in seconds. I like to think our life is just a collection of tiny snapshots that we capture over time. In the end, we slowly back away from these miniscule points in time that we have created to reveal the most awe-inspiring portrait of our lives, woven together. Every moment we have is precious. Even the smallest gesture or act of kindness can make a world of difference. Change doesn't start on a grand scale, it starts in the moments. Don't overlook the opportunities to do something small for the sake of love. It's the times that we pause for the seemingly small snapshot that, when we look back, later realize it can reverberate more than we could have ever imagined.

3. May Your Dreams Be Greater Than Your Fears

Potential rests inside you. Greatness waits eagerly within your bones. Life is not measured by the times you played it safe, but by the chances you take. There is nothing to fear but the fear of never doing it. Dare to dream. Break the mold. Stare deep into the eyes of danger and yell into the face of fate that you will be taking it from here. Run wild and live free. The only limitations are the ones you accept.

4. Invest In Happiness 


Happiness can be a very powerful tool used for change. It is something that cannot be taken from you, and it is contagious. But what does it mean to be truly happy? I have given this a lot of thought and the conclusion that I came up with is it's all about balance. You see, there are two types of happiness: the gratification you get when you do something for someone else, and the gratification when you do something for yourself. Both are very important, but many times we focus too much on one more than the other. It's about balance. If you spend much of your time and efforts on what makes you most happy in life, but spend little on what makes others happy, the happiness you find will be temporary and not fulfilling. If you are solely living to make others happy and do little for yourself, the happiness will be fulfilling, but exhausting and difficult to sustain. Once we balance the two together we find a happiness that both satisfies and sustains. When we are living vibrant, we are making waves.

5. Be You To The Fullest Extent 

Never sacrifice the integrity of who you are as a person to fit in to the crowd. It's second nature for us to adapt to our environment around us. It's a valuable survival instinct. Being able to adapt and grow is a hugely beneficial to us, but there is a big difference between adaptation and conformity. When we adapt we maintain who we are but progress and get better, when we conform we lose our identity to try and fit the mold. You were meant to be great. Just like you are. We all have strengths and weaknesses. But the trick is working to be the best version of you. Albert Einstein said, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." Don't worry about the shortcomings or what anyone thinks about you. Instead, focus on what makes you awesome and perfect the art. When you are confident in who you are and determined to make a difference, the world will be impacted.

6. Stand For Something

Be passionate about what is on your heart. Don't sit and wait for someone else to take action, be the catalyst, the spark for change. When you stand for something others will stand with you. It isn't easy to do, having the courage to stick to what you believe in without backing down. It's intimidating to seize the moment and make your voice heard, but it is a small step that makes a giant difference.

7. Join The Movement

Every action has a reaction. We tend to think on the large scale when we think about real world change and figure it is too big a task to accomplish all alone. But it is really just the accumulation of small things, done together, that can have the biggest impact. Our goal for Numbers For The Cause is to raise $1M for each of our partnering charities. It is difficult to accomplish greatness alone, but when we band as one we can do amazing things, even change the world together. 

Happy Friday! Catch y'all in 7...

Awkward hugs that last too long,


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