Make The World Vibrate

Life is motion. It is momentum. It is movement. All around there is the silent hum of happenings. It is the quiet resonance that we rarely stop and notice. Quite literally, there is a rhythm, a pulse, a constant repetition, like a heartbeat, repeating on and on. Every day the world spins and revolves, the sun breaks and it sets. Each day pumps in with the new and out with the old, it's frequency strikingly similar to that of a pulse on an EKG. These frequencies repeat throughout the universe, and as time goes on science is finding more and more that life, and the world around us, is all about vibration.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

The different frequencies of vibration determine the complex shapes the particles form. Where the vibration is more intense the particles displace, and where the vibration is weaker the particles collect. I find it astounding that these mere tones can form such elaborate designs. Even more intriguing, this experiment was conducted on a simple 2-dimentional plane. It is fascinating to consider the possibilities of outcomes if conducted in a 3-dimentional space.


In the very first words written in the ancient Hebrew texts in Genesis, it describes in the very beginning, God spoke and it was physically manifested. Perhaps the universe as we know it, even we ourselves, are the complex design of particles resonating from a divine vibration. This idea might not be so far off, actually. In view of recent advances in science, in the field of quantum physics, we are now coming closer to finding the single thread, an equation, that ties it all together.

The idea of string theory is highly debated, but in simplest terms it describes all energy and matter composed of strands of energy (like strings). Similar to the various instruments of an orchestra and the sound they create, the pitch of each string's vibration determines the nature of its effect. In essence, it describes all of nature as a sort of music. I like the idea of history being like a giant symphony. The turbulent times building tension with sounds of dissonance, the times of happiness the resolve. 


The truth is, we all resonate. Our life effects what is around us. When we harmonize together we can create beautiful things. When we match frequencies we can shape the world around us in amazing ways. We can make the world vibrate. Join the movement! Snag-a-tee in an array of lightwave frequencies (colors) that will be sure to make your friends' optical nerves vibrate.

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Peace, Love and Whack-A-Mole,


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