Little Effort. BIG Reward.

Deep down we all want to beat the system. We all secretly long for little effort and big reward; Pay $1 for a ticket and win a million, inherit a fortune from a distant relative, stumble upon a stash of forgotten valuables. It is something inherent in all of us. I think this subconscious fantasy is seeded in us, not necessarily because we want to cheat the system, but because this system incapsulates one of the most fundamental keys to success. It is a mindset that we should fully embrace because when we do we will thrive.


We tend to have an inverted view of success. It is not about the big picture, but the little investments that pave the way. It's the little effort, over time, that leads to the big reward. The key is consistency. It is so foundational to life, yet so few realize the true implications it can have. If you are trying to get in shape, you can't dedicate one single 24-hour day of non-stop exercise and expect results. But if you dedicate just 10 minutes every day, over time, the results will be huge. If you want to be closer to your family, you can't simply invest one single 24-hour day of sitting down to dinner together to make up for the past. But if you invest an hour each day the results will be transformational. 


Time is money, so they say. But more specifically, time is value. Pour your hours into a work of art and it becomes something of value. Dedicate time on a project and it is transformed into something valuable. Valuable memories with family or friends came from time invested. It is the one thing in life we cannot acquire more of. All we can do is optimize and take hold of whatever time we are given. 


Little investments that pave the way to a BIG reward is what Numbers For The Cause is hinged on, with $5 of every t-shirt going to an amazing cause. Each day we are determined to push forward toward greatness until we reach $1 million for each partnering cause. Join the movement and no matter what your aspirations are, remember it just takes a little effort, over time, that leads to the big reward. It all starts with investing in every day. 

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Fleece & Love,


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