Life Inside The Bubble

Twisting through the complex circuitry, electrical impulses spark and race through the curves and contours of your mind. Sizzling within the chemicals, 100 billion neurons fire 200 times per second, each one with 1,000 connections. 20 million billion bits of information are transmitted in your brain every second.  Everything you see, how you feel, every thought and decision you make is a fine-tuned result of the delicate balance of chemicals inside your head. The world that you perceive is simply a projection of what  your mind illuminates. And it's all what you make it.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are living life inside a bubble. It is something that you yourself have made, perhaps consciously, or maybe subconsciously. The people you surround yourself with, the way you dress, what you eat, the places you choose to hang out, the books and shows you read and watch, what you do in your spare time, it all revolves around what you have constructed in life to seem normal to you or feel comfortable. The bubble you have made is your own little world that your brain has built you.

It sounds strange, but it's true. 

Say you present 100 people with a work of art, every person will experience it differently. Each one will walk away with something completely unique. How they felt, what they noticed, each reaction custom fit to their own view... Their view from inside the bubble. 

Our life inside the bubble is just who we are. It's our security and comfort. It's getting home from school or work early to do our favorite thing, making our favorite snack, and then going out with our best group of friends to our favorite place. It's driving the same way to work, talking to the same people every day, going to the same place for lunch. Once we find our rhythm or routine it's easy to just stay in that groove. But the key is breaking the routine.

It's not about bursting the bubble, it's about branching it out and making it even bigger. Switch it up. Do something you've never done before. Take a chance. Meet new people. Go someplace different. Get weird. Break the mold. Instead of doing what is easy, what we're used to, if we expand our view and live vivid, we begin to affect the world around us with even greater impact.

Numbers For The Cause is all about trying to have the greatest impact we can. It's not about what's easy. It's about stepping outside of what is comfortable, to cause the effect, and change the world around us. Join the movement, grab a t-shirt, and support one of our outstanding causes! Remember to Like, Share, Comment, and Tag your grandmothers below!

May the ice creams be ever in your flavor,


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