What Classic Style Needs A Major Comeback?

It's no secret. Numbers For The Cause is at the forefront of fashion. Breaking down barriers and doing what no one thought possible when it comes to printing t-shirts. With designs that have made grown men cry and crying men grow, Numbers For The Cause is relentless in pushing the envelope and charging forward, leading the way into a new world of fashion.

"When I think of the future of beauty, I immediately imagine Numbers For The Cause's clothing." - Michael Kors 

"I used to imagine myself as a little girl, walking down the runway, modeling the latest line of Numbers For The Cause at New York fashion week." - Peyton Manning

Part of moving forward is looking back. That is why we are going to take an in-depth look at the past, delving through the threads of history, to find: What Classic Style Needs A Major Comeback? Over the years, there has been a rich, wealth of wealthy richness when it comes to fashion and design and also fashion design. Each era stands out stark, leaving it's mark in time. Taking from the past and making it new again, resurrecting our heritage, is what keeps our roots alive... and what keeps this blog interesting.

The colonial era was a BUMPIN' time in fashion! These cats apparently had an wild excess of fabric back in their day and decided to use all of it in every garment they made. I believe they would wear their entire wardrobe all at once each day, but change what outfit was on the outer layer to keep it fresh. This style could totally make a comeback for all the people out there who love looking bulky, but scoff at dexterity and agility.

The classic times of the early 1900's were a ROARING time in terms of style. There was definitely no shortage of hats back in this day. It was a simpler time, when class was king and people never spoke out loud, only used subtitles. It would be a breath of fresh air to revisit this magical time in cloth-wear.

The Unrealistic-Futuristic period was, and still is, an iconic glimpse into what fashion should never become. Things such as capes, skin-tight-glitter-suits, un-needed helmets and headwear, and awful hairstyles encapsulate this breath-taking collection of tastelessness. It would be refreshing to see people set aside their self-awareness and begin dressing this way out in public.

The Wild West will forever live in infamy. These folks really had something against birds and animals. No one knows what these creatures did to these people at the time, but it is quite apparent that they were not happy. Practically every getup is infused with an impeccable amount of feathers, leather and fur. Also, it was not a big time of smiling. 

Lastly, is the neon splash in time that will ripple throughout the years to come. The late 80's - early 90's, visually, appears to be the hippies from decades past relapsing into an ultra-color acid trip. It was a golden age, all about having fun and standing out... And stand out they did, because everyone was dressed like a Las Vegas traffic cone.

Be sure to comment below on what style you think needs a comeback! Or tell us what era we missed that you would totally rock if we brought it back. Be sure to Like and Share as well. Like always, weekly tees are unleashed every Monday with a brand NEW design, and of course, $5 of every shirt goes to an outstanding cause. Keep it ultra-rad. Until next week...

May the Porsche be with you,


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