Widening The Spectrum

So we just finished our photo shoot this week for our band NEW Bella/Canvas Tri-Blend tees. We'll soon have a dozen new & vibrant colors to choose from! These Tri-Blend t-shirts are unimaginably comfortable. If you have not experienced one yet, you're life may seem incomplete. 

Not only are we very excited about our new and outrageously comfy tees. But we are also gearing up to launch a new line and a NEW CAUSE! All shirts are custom-numbered 1-200k with $5 of each going to our partnering charity. The goal: $1M raised for each cause. Stay vigil for more updates coming at you SOON! Be sure to post a comment of what causes you would like to see us support in the future. After all, it's all about what we can do to change the world together

Our weekly tees are still going strong. Every Monday, a new design is unleashed! Keep close watch, for the first week only, each new design is available for 25% off.

As always, keep it reeled.

The highest of high fives to all of you,


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