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"Stop Traffic": The Cause

Agape International Missions rescues girls out of human trafficking. Standing on the front lines, they fight to steal back the lives that are held captive.  The girls that have been devastated need time for healing. AIM not only Rescues, but Restores, providing love, a safe haven, counseling, and the huge and often rare opportunity to pursue education.  Being given the opportunity to support themselves and their families is paramount in truly liberating these women. AIM provides the training to equip women in becoming strong and independent out in the world. For AIM the restoration reaches out to all aspects of..  - Read More

Internet Killed the Video Star

Yesterday was a very strange day for me. For one entire day I washed away of all the digital residue, and lived life without my smartphone. I hovered between the worlds of reality and electricity. It was a place where time seemed to seep slower, where the flow of information was stifled. A place where entertainment and interaction seemed vaguely detached, like floating silently underwater and watching the shapes shift above the surface. I felt disoriented. I felt uncomfortable. For 24 painstaking hours I lived in this limbo. I must admit, it was not my choice to abstain from the..  - Read More

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