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"Take Heart": The Cause

1 in 100 children worldwide are born with a life-threatening heart defect. Of those, about 1 in 6 requires heart surgery within the first month to survive. It is something we do not often┬áhear about, living in a developed country. But in many parts of the world these simple and life-saving surgeries are extremely difficult to come by. The International Children's Heart Foundation sends doctors, surgeons and medical professionals across the globe, mending little hearts back together. ICHF has 20 years experience performing children's heart surgeries in developing countries. They have amassed a tremendous amount of learning, best practices and..  - Read More

Internet Killed the Video Star

Yesterday was a very strange day for me. For one entire day I washed away of all the digital residue, and lived life without my smartphone. I hovered between the worlds of reality and electricity. It was a place where time seemed to seep slower, where the flow of information was stifled. A place where entertainment and interaction seemed vaguely detached, like floating silently underwater and watching the shapes shift above the surface. I felt disoriented. I felt uncomfortable. For 24 painstaking hours I lived in this limbo. I must admit, it was not my choice to abstain from the..  - Read More

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